Glossier Haul

Glossier Haul

Super Bounce Serum, Milky Jelly Cleanser, Mega Greens Galaxy Pack, Phase 2 Set (Generation G in Zip, Stretch Concealer in Medium, Boy Brow in Brown)

Glossier is the beauty brand launched by Into the Gloss founder, Emily Weiss. It is a brand that has intrigued me since its release but not enough to place an order with a parcel forwarding company (Glossier doesn’t ship to Australia). My parents have been travelling for the last month or so and visited the Glossier showroom in New York to pick these up for me. They are quite used to hunting things down for me on their travels (previous US hauls here, here, here and here).

The packaging is very basic yet the millennial pink, white and silver combination drew me in and the constant rave reviews sealed the deal. It is hard to tell if all of the rave reviews are genuine as most of the hype is driven by Glossier ambassadors who are unlikely to reveal negatives about the products.

It took me weeks to finalise my wish list as I kept going back and forth over whether I should get the Phase 1 Set which includes the Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturiser and the Balm Dot Com and The Super Pack which includes the Super Bounce, Super Glow and Super Pure serums. I had just purchased a new Aesop moisturiser and lots of The Ordinary serums and don’t like petroleum based lip balms so decided against those.

If you want to order any Glossier products I would recommend searching for an affiliate code (20% off your first order) then using a parcel forwarder (I have used Hop Shop Go successfully in the past) or beg friends and family heading to New York to do some shopping on your behalf.


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