Earring Wishlist

Images from the following links:

1. Mini Metal Raw Rock Faceted Studs  2. Mini Metal Mini Threader Arches 3. Vrai & Oro Trillion Diamond Earrings 4. Venus by Maria Tash Diamond Trinity Stud 5. Mini Metal Sterling Silver Circle Earrings 6. Venus by Maria Tash Spike Ring 7. Kirsten Ash Crescent Chain Earrings 8. Kirsten Ash Detail Hoop Earring Set 9. Sarah & Sebastian Trinity Earrings

I recently got my earlobes pierced for the second time after being inspired by Rachael to finally get them done. It felt rebellious even though I am now in my late twenties and had very much thought it through for about a decade!

I now have to wait 6-8 weeks before I can change the earrings to something pretty like the above.


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