Minterne House, Dorset

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend and I visited Minterne House in Dorset. We wandered through the gardens and sat in the the sunshine for the afternoon. The gardens weren’t what we were expecting. We were expecting formal gardens but it was more like a rain forrest with a lot… Continue reading View Post

Wilton House, Wiltshire

My boyfriend and I visited Wilton House after staying in Salisbury over night. It is the grandest house that we have visited. Every wall in every room and even some ceilings were filled with art and mirrors. Photography wasn’t allowed inside the house so I only have photos of the… Continue reading View Post

Devonshire Tea

These are pictures of the cream tea that we had whilst staying at Buckland Tout-Saints Hotel. We decided to sit outside as this was the first day of sunshine that England had since I arrived three weeks ago. Everything was delicious! We didn’t even manage to get through half of… Continue reading View Post